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Consensus Camp

Become each other’s best teammates!

iKuai believes:A stone can also make a pot of soup

Do you know that your team can create miracles at any moment? If you find that the problem-solving pattern generates more problems waiting to be solved, and if you hope your team gets not just inspiration but also meaningful action, then we invite you to join us in creating miracles. Let’s appreciate your organization and team from a positive and diverse perspective together! iKuai believes:A stone can also make a pot of soup

“Team is not a problem to be solved; it is a miracle to be embraced.”

-David Cooperrider

iKuai is most passionate about working with clients to face real and difficult organizational issues.

The Consensus Camp of iKuai is like letting the team, in the atmosphere and spirit of Stone Soup, turn difficulties into fun, turn resentment into willingness, solve problems together, and use the spirit of players to create a vision that belongs to everyone. Strategy and Action.
Every Consensus Camp is a conversational journey co-created with your team.

It can be roughly divided into the following stages

The first three stages generally last 3-6 weeks, and action follow-up is recommended about 3 weeks after the consensus camp.

01.Demand interview stage

02.Focus on the design stage

03.Consensus facilitation stag

Consensus Camp, usually 2-3 days

04.Action follow-up stage

After consensus camp

Topic scope

It may be vision and mission, brand transformation, organizational change, succession, annual plan, etc….

Through the spirit and process of Appreciative Inquiry, we accompany customers from their initial needs to jointly explore the core issues behind them after interviews, and then further transform them into positive inquiry and exercise topics from the inside out.​ ​

Appreciative Inquiry
4D process introduction

Appreciative Inquiry


Appreciating the Best


Envisioning Ideal Results


Co-constructing Differently


Making it Happen and Sustaining

Consensus Camp Best Practice
Effective Appreciative Inquiry Themes:Focused, Inspirational, Future-Oriented

Facing Opportunities and Challenges

Conquering the Waves of Change! How to achieve a tenfold increase in business volume through teamwork without increasing resources.

Our Opportunities and Challenges, Working Together to Create Team Value

For the long-standing communication issues between the Equipment Department and the Process Department, creating an opportunity for a thorough win-win resolution and identifying breakthrough solutions

Beyond a Century of Peaks

Navigating the temporal and cultural differences between senior employees and new talents, as the company evolves from a small entity to a larger one, transitioning from a people-oriented approach to institutionalization. Rediscovering enthusiasm and embarking on a fresh start.

Winning through Execution, Soaring Beyond 101

Incorporating a company's rewards system is not sufficient. Let's create a unique annual conference! To foster appreciation and mutual recognition within the team, co-create limitless possibilities for the future, and let the team tell their own story, inspiring everyone even more.

How to Grow Happily

Sustained rapid company growth, employee engagement, and a healthy lifestyle - how to find the best balance.

Join hands to build dreams and take off on your wishes

The successful experience of the past 10 years, in the face of competition, how to find the advantageous DNA, and work together to meet the innovation in the next 10 years.

Facing the Future, Creating Together

The foreign enterprise's business department is going through mergers, centralization of logistical units, and dealing with organizational changes in an uncertain future. How can employees and leaders engage in authentic dialogue and collaborate in these turbulent waters?

The following opens up infinite possibilities...

If you have any questions regarding the event details, please feel free to reach out to us.














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The Story of Stone Soup

iKuai believes

Even a stone can cook up a pot of soup
iKuai believes that every person possesses light and harbors immense potential.
It’s not the stone that’s magical but when people are willing to come together…

With collective belief and commitment, magic becomes all-pervading.

A group of backpackers traveling together made their way to a village, claiming that they could cook an incredibly delicious soup with a stone. The villagers were skeptical yet curious.

“We have a stone here, and if someone has a pot, we can give it a try,” suggested one of the backpackers.
“I have a pot at my house…” began one villager. “Does anyone have water? And we’ll need someone to help with the fire.” Tasks were distributed among the villagers, and their interest grew.

“No matter how good the soup is, it always needs a bit of salt and pepper,” said one of the backpackers while stirring. Almost immediately, someone went home to get salt and pepper.

“This soup is fantastic! It would be even better with some mushrooms!” Another villager brought mushrooms.
“Let’s try the local eggplants!” The villagers began to contribute their ideas.
“Could we add some dried fish too?” “Do we have enough ingredients?” “I’ll bring some beef…”

The villagers' eyes sparkled as they imagined how they could enhance the flavor and nutrition of this pot of soup. The backpackers diligently prepared the soup with the ingredients contributed by the enthusiastic villagers, and the stone soup started to fill the air with its delightful aroma.

Backpackers and villagers began to set up tables and chairs nearby.
The villagers, enjoying the rare opportunity to celebrate together, brought out drinks and musical instruments.

After dinner, the villagers invited the backpackers to stay and sing and dance together, celebrating this unforgettable and delicious stone soup feast.